21st Century Skills


a. Katharine, Ime, & Miriam – Life & Career Skills
b. Diana, Vincent, & Jess – Learning & Innovation Skills
c. Barbara, Lisa, & Jen – Information, Media, and Technology Skills
d. Marybell & Vero – Core Subjects & 21st Century Themes


Create a presentation using a Web2.0 tool that can be embedded
1. All group members should become experts about your portion of the 21st Century Skills
2. Include visuals that support the ideas you want to impress
3. Provide examples of how it applies to the classroom
4. Ensure that the content is clear
5. Add your own flavor and ideas
6. Embed your project (http://screencast.com/t/pJgsb9sb8Pbw) into your groups page on the wiki
(Click on your topic title above to access your page)

Part 2 of 21st Century Skills: Sharing & Evaluating

Part 3 of 21st Century Skills: Rubrics

Using Google Doc Forms with your group, you will create a simple rubric that teachers can use to evaluate whether their lesson is challenging their students to develop 21st Century Skills.

Below, submit the link to the rubric you created.