We have a vision, but what is our plan for being leaders in making that vision a reality?

  1. Engineering Video - Lead by example by showcasing when you are doing something above an beyond
  2. Instructional Rounds
  3. Video Taping Teachers
    1. Highlight successes to encourage others to try
    2. Reflection of how things went
    3. Reference for when others are interested in trying a similar type of student learning
  4. Creating a Culture that allows for this
    1. Not about evaluation, but about sharing, learning, and growing
  5. Tech Toolbox Kit for less confident teachers to help them feel more comfortable with integration
  6. Creating a universal language or knowledge about the 21st Century Skills
    1. Sharing the responsibility of the skills
    2. Defining terminology that students and teachers identify with
  7. Should we start with a focus on the skills discussed today and with that the content falls into place
  8. Where do we need to strengthen
    1. Global Citizens & Critical thinking is implemented across several class
    2. Technology Literacy could be strengthened
  9. The type of questions that we are asking
    1. If they can copy and paste an answer then is it the right type of question
    2. We need to teach them how to use information they are consuming, so that they are not breaking rules.
  10. Guide at the beginning through the tools and instructional best practices
  11. Developing the partnerships
  12. Developing the intrinsic understanding that this can improve student learning
  13. Don't focus on the tools because they change, but focus on the SKILLS because they are always going to be required