Mishra and Koehler TPCK concept builds on the original ideas of Shulman by adding Technological Knowledge to Pedagogical Content Knowledge. The Clif Notes version is that no teacher should be integrating technology into the classroom if that technology isn't going to enrich the content or improve the overall pedagogy of the classroom. This is important because just as you wouldn't waste time planning, teaching, and managing a lesson that didn't have importance, you don't want to implement technology that isn't going to better the lesson either in content or pedagogy. Technology won't be strong in a classroom if it stands alone.

a. Reflect on your classroom vision from the beginning of the day
b. Consider all that we have learned and discussed today
i. Has your vision changed?
ii. Has your plan of action changed?
c. Homework: Tomorrow you will celebrate something you do that demonstrates what we talked about today
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