How will we transform our classrooms?

School Wide Technology Goals

  • Developing students 21st Century Skills through the use of technology
    • Increase the understanding of best practices in information and media literacy (ethically accessing, consuming, evaluating, and producing media)
    • Transforming classroom practices through the creative, collaborative and critical use of technology to produce evidence of content knowledge

ASFM Technology Vision

ASFM aims to develop responsible global citizens equipped with the critical thinking skills, and the technological literacy necessary (including appropriate ethical use) to participate in the worldwide community of learners. We seek to engage students in their media rich, mobile lifestyles to produce, create, collaborate, share, publish and distribute content (not just consume content). We wish to become an innovative leader, empowering students and teachers through progressive access to technology.

21st Century Skills


Life & Career Skills
Learning & Innovation Skills
Information, Media, and Technology Skills
Core Subjects & 21st Century Themes


Create a presentation using a Web2.0 tool that can be embedded
1. All group members should become experts about your portion of the 21st Century Skills
2. Include visuals that support the ideas you want to impress
3. Provide examples of how it applies to the classroom
4. Ensure that the content is clear
5. Add your own flavor and ideas