What does a 1 to 1 classroom look like?

  • Before Technology & After Technology

Let's meet around an article using Diigo

  1. Clicking on the link (after reading the following steps): Redefining Instruction with Technology: Five Essential Steps
  2. After arriving at the article, open the diigolet or diigo bookmarking tool in your browser
  3. As you read the article, highlight things that stand out to you as important to remember
  4. Generate post-it notes on the page to make comments about ideas you have

Expressed concerns, thus far:

Worried about the students understanding the responsibility of staying on task
How do we control the students from going off task
Where will the students store their computers
How do we keep them from copying and pasting as "research"
What about charging through out the day
We need an intensive edu2.0 training for making exams and assignments
Would like to have a Skype conference with ASFG to learn more about things that they are already doing
When running something new, we need to try something first.
Classroom Management -

Policy Resources

With a partner, consider the following about your own classroom for next year.

  • Team Expectations
    • Pre-training with the students
    • Time for students to back-up
    • Keeping students organized with files, folders and names of these things
      • Responsibility of having the tools
      • Digital Citizenship
        • Cyber Bullying
        • Respectable Use
      • Only under very sever consequences
      • Provide warning and then students will work on an alternative assignment if they make the wrong choice twice
    • What is the procedure of privileges lost?
    • Computer discipline tracker
      • Tech Violation marked in the discipline tracker
    • Have students all use the same username
    • Expect that students have the computer charged when they come to school
    • What if they don't have the computer
      • Sign out from the tech sign out area
    • What if it is not charged
      • Disposition points, because you aren't prepared for class in the start of the day
      • Encourage students to charge when not in use
      • Have on agenda or posted as a sign that students should plug in their devices to charge
    • All computers and chargers are labeled
      • Can we ask students to have them engraved

    • Software
      • Logger Pro
      • Office
  • Classroom Arrangement
    • Can we have tables made available to us? (Capex budgets are in)
      • If using the edu2.0 digital assessments, the randomizing feature can help this
  • Classroom Procedures
    • Students cannot open the laptops until they are given permission (either written or verbal)
  • Teacher Instruction
  • Student Interaction
  • Student Products

Compose a vision for your classroom next year, including the above elements. You may choose the tool that is best for you to compose this vision.